Corners with a Scenery

A short visual documentary about detachment and solitude from a tourist experience in East Berlin.


Berlin Friedrichstraße Station 3.2.jpgBerlin Friedrichstraße Station 3.1.jpgBerlin Mitte.jpgBerlin U Oranienburger Tor.jpgTresor Space 5-c35.jpgTresor Club Scenes 3-2.jpgTresor Club Scenes.jpgTresor Club Scense-c92.jpgTresor Club Scenes Empty 4-c27.jpgTresor Club Scenes Empty 4,1.jpgTresor Club Scenes Empty 1.2.jpgTresor Club Empty 2.jpgTresor Club Empty 3.jpgTresor Office copy.jpgTresor Office Dimitri Hegemann x Vision.jpgTresor Dimitri Hegemann sitting on steps-c21.jpgTresor Club Scenes 4.1.jpgTresor Space.jpgFoggy Night.jpgPrenzlauer Berg Public House Road.jpgSpree Park Road.jpgKreuzberg Public House 5.jpgKreuzberg Public House 3.jpgPrenzlauer Berg Public House Car.jpgPrenzlauer Berg Public House 9.jpgPrenzlauer Berg Public House 6.jpgPrenzlauer Berg Public House 7.jpgPrenzlauer Berg Street 3.jpgPrenzlauer Berg Public House Dog in Lawn.jpgPrenzlauer Berg Banana in the Park.jpgRAW-Gelände, Urban Spere.jpgPrenzlauer Berg Street 2.jpg