This set of black and white images was taken in Hangzhou. They feel not so much like typical impressions of this ancient city. Because of the circumstances, it is not the touristy old town but Qiantang River, and because of the unrecognisable difference between what was then and what is now of this place. From what I could reckon, it only takes five years to transform this rural area into another booming CBD. If these abandoned fishing boats could think, they might feel confused as they face an entirely different city across the river every year. This is a new age of speed and changing values, an age where these old fishing boats¬†don’t quite fit in.

2012-2014, Hangzhou


DSC_8998 BW.jpgDSC_3863 BW.jpgFloating boats.jpgDSC_9226 bw2.jpgDSC_9010 2 bw.jpg